Founders Fund


The Edible Peace Patch Project is ready to develop a farm to school food system in south St. Petersburg, Florida.  We have plans to build a 15-acre sustainable urban farm where we will grow and prepare enough food to offer healthy lunch choices to more than 5,000 schoolchildren a day.
You can be a cornerstone to this project!  We are seeking at least 20 Founders -- individuals, partners, families, foundations, businesses, and groups – each willing to contribute $5,000 toward our goal.
Help us begin to address the educational challenges and diet-related health issues in our community.  Help us build a model for other communities to do the same.  Help us build urban agriculture as a community solution here in St. Petersburg.
As a Founder's Fund contributor, you become part of our foundation.  You will be recognized, appreciated, celebrated, and engraved in the memory and the history of the Edible Peace Patch Project.
Consider becoming part of this exciting movement toward urban agriculture in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Join with us today in this lasting project to improve our community!
Please contact us for a meeting or additional information:

Founders' Fund Progress

We are proud to report that as of December 30, 2013, thirteen Founders have stepped forward; we are 65% of the way toward our basic goal of 20 Founders.

The Edible Peace Patch's Founders Fund is a select group of supporters who have stepped forward in this critical time in our organization's history to help us reach our full vision.

Each founder has donated $5,000 toward the future of the Peace Patch Project and each Founder will be remembered in the history of this organization.

Thank you to Lee and Susan Allen our newest Founder's Fund contributors.  Lee and Susan are long time St. Petersburg residents and their support helps along toward our goal.  Welcome!

Please continue to visit this page as we get closer to reaching our goal.


Be part of this exclusive group and become a permanent part of our history!

1. Lisa and Julius Keblinskas
2. Kip Curtis, Ph.D. and Marcela Estevez, MFA
3. Ric and Dixie Selip
4. Board/Staff Edible Peace Patch Project:
        * Kristin and David Brett
        * Carol Micket and Bob Stackhouse
        * Andrew and Cindy Chittick
        * John Edwards
        * Alita Kane
        * Gregory Rolle
        * Bryan Blackford
        * Lisa Yacso
5. Joseph and Janelle Esposito
6. Houghton-Wagman Charitable Trust
7. Phoenix Venture Philanthropy Foundation
8. Rob Hoogeveen and Tina Smith
9. The Aveda Institute
10. Dr. Claude Dharamraj, Director, Florida Department of Health Pinellas
11. The Parkshore Grill
12. Douglas and Amy Dupont
13. Lee and Susan Allen